Map Tool Help

Following common Map Toolbar will be used for viewing Maps.                                         

 Zoom In: - This tool is used for enlargement of the map. Select this button from the toolbar by clicking once. It will be disabled and map size will be enlarged on each click on the map. Thus multiple clicks on the map will give smaller area in a bigger view. It is useful to view smaller area of the map such as village boundaries in a larger view.

 Zoom Out:-This tool is reversed of the above tool. This can be used for reducing the map size.

 Pan: - This tool is used for image movement in all directions (Left, Right, Up and Down) to view hidden portion of the map after enlargement. Clicking on the map will readjust the image as click point in the center of the map screen if Pan Button is selected.

 Information: - This tool is used for getting information of any point clicked on map. It will be disabled when selected the information tool the information button on the toolbar. A table containing information of a point will be opened on the click of a point on the map.

Full ExtentFull Extent: - Enlarged and shifted map will come into original size and position if this button is clicked.

 View Legend: - This tool is used for viewing description of different symbols and colors used in map. A table containing details of all the symbols, colors used in different layers of the map will be opened when this button is clicked.

 Google Map: - This tool is used to get Google Map window related to the point on the map displayed. A new Google Map window will be opened on clicking on the map after selecting this tool. Selection point will be shown as symbol  on Google Map with features provided by Google.
Note: This feature may not work in all the applications.

Search: - Search tool is used to search a location by name (Village Name) on the map. Enter any village name in search box  and click on search button it will show all the locations as symbol  on the map.